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PET & RPET containers

PDG Plastiques PET bottles, cans, flasks & containers

5L to 20L PET and RPET containers - Stackable, lightweight and strong

PDG PLASTIQUES offers a range of large containers perfectly adapted to multiple applications in the food or chemical industry and 100% recyclable.


Standard containers: from 5 L to 20 L
Production: small and large series
Colours: transparent or opaque (all colours)
Materials: PET, RPET
Services: standard or custom development
Options: handle, pump
Standard rings: ⌀ 38 and 48 mm for 5 L to 10 L - ⌀ 63 mm for 10 L to 20 L…



PDG PLASTIQUES PET bottles & flasks for chemistry

Containers for food and non-food industries

PET bottles for wine & spirit

PET or RPET containers with a capacity of 5 L to 20 L

A large range of standard PET preforms

Containers can be delivered with handles or dosing pumps